Former EastEnders star Ben Hardy is fighty not flighty in this new X-Men: Apocalypse picture

The British actor plays winged mutant Angel in the upcoming film

EastEnders actor Ben Hardy was cast in upcoming superhero movie X-Men: Apocalypse a few months ago, but we’ve still only had a few glimpses of his character – and now that includes his face. Hooray!


Admittedly we already knew what Ben Hardy’s face looked like (as well as other parts of him), and generally speaking the fact his character has massive wings is more interesting than the fact that he has a face, but it’s still a development in the seemingly endless production cycle of Bryan Singer’s film, which is looking more complex by the minute.

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Case in point – according to the Instagram post that showed the behind-the-scenes image, in the new film Angel finds himself in some sort of fight club in 1980s Berlin, a far cry from the privileged background of the comic-book character he’s based on (aka Warren Worthington III). Is this some sort of mutant snuff-fest that he has to be rescued from, perhaps preceding his turn to the dark side (as previously described by director Bryan Singer)?

After all, in the comics series that the next X-Men film is drawing its influence from, evil mutant Apocalypse (played by Oscar Isaac in the movie) recruits the feathered founding X-Man to be one of his quartet of sidekicks, or “four horseman” – Death, in his case, though he also went by the name Archangel. 

This transformation regrew Angel’s natural wings (which had been cut off in a previous adventure) with metallic ones, but also warped the hero’s mind and turned him against his fellow heroes – and considering other concept art Empire released (above) it seems likely the film will follow this storyline. Perhaps this cage fight is how he loses his natural abilities in the first place – especially if we take into account that other previously-shown concept art for the film sees Angel in a similar-looking fight club cage with full, feathered wings…

Hardy will join fellow X-Men newcomers Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Kodi Smit-McPheeLana Condor and Alexandra Shipp in the film, and returning stars Jennifer Lawrence (who is expected to leave the series after the next film), James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Nicholas Hoult.


X-Men: Apocalypse will be released in the UK on the 19th May 2016