21 Jump Street, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, That’ll Be the Day: films on TV today

Two incompetent cops, one defrosted 1960s hipster and a whole rake of 1950s rock'n'roll: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today




21 Jump Street ★★★★
9.00-11.15pm ITV2 

We never saw the original youthful TV series 21 Jump Street in the late 1980s and early 90s, but the belated action-comedy movie spin-offs are irresistible. With a third confirmed, this is the first. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs tag-team Phil Lord and Chris Miller direct Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as the jock/nerd friends who on graduation from  police academy are assigned by boss Ice Cube to an undercover job at a high school – there to sniff out a new and dangerous drug. Passing, miraculously, as students, their chemistry is strong and their antics provide endless, simple-minded fun, such as taking the drug itself while on the running track. Johnny Depp, made famous by the TV show, gives a sporting cameo. 

The Legend of Zorro ★★★

4.00-6.35pm Film Four 

A case of tacos with plenty of cheese, as Antonio Banderas returns to the role of the swashbuckling masked crusader Zorro.  

The Sweetest Thing ★★★

9.00-10.50pm Movie Mix 

Chick flick meets gross-out comedy in this tale of three good-time girls (Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair and Christina Applegate) who are more than a match for any man.     

That’ll Be the Day ★★★★

9.00-11.00pm True Entertainment 

David Essex parlays his early 1970s pop star status into movie stardom in this infectious tale of the turned-on, tuned-in kid who wants to be a rocker.   

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery ★★★★

10.55pm-1.00am 5★ 


Oh, behave! Mike Myers’ groovy super spy will split your sides, even without the martial arts training. A comedy classic.