William Shatner used all those Spock selfies to create an incredible Leonard Nimoy tribute

The Star Trek actor has put together a montage made up of Live Log and Prosper photos sent in by fans


At the beginning of August, William Shatner asked for everyone’s help in creating a top secret Leonard Nimoy Star Trek tribute. Now we know why.


The Star Trek actor urged fans to send in selfies of themselves doing the Vulcan salute, aka the Live Long and Prosper hand sign made famous thanks to Nimoy’s character Mr Spock. 

This being Shatner, followers obliged – in their thousands.

Even Justin Bieber pledged to do his bit in the tribute to Nimoy, who died in February this year.

Why did he need all these pics? To create this work of social media brilliance.

The Spock mosaic is made up of 6,000 photos sent in reply to Shatner’s request – and was made in collaboration with the ‘global scavenger hunt’ Gishwhes.


Proof that the Star Trek fan base is as prosperous as ever.

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