Michelle Dockery, Elizabeth McGovern and Joanne Froggatt bid farewell to Downton Abbey

It's the #LastDaysofDownton. Can someone pass the tissues?

Every Downton Abbey fan is dreading the moment the final credits roll on Downton Abbey. We all know it’s coming – and we also know we’re going to spend Christmas Day with mascara running down our Quality Street-stuffed cheeks. But, thankfully, it’s still months away.


But for the cast and crew the show has already come to an end, with many bidding their final farewells to the period drama over the weekend. 

There were tears for them, too. 

And moments of reflection…

Bye, bye bedroom #LastDaysOfDownton #marysbedroom

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Sometimes it’s the little things… 

Some cast members still can’t believe the period drama is ending

While the crew are wrapping up those loose ends, wherever and wherever they can…

Everywhere is an office #Producing #LastDaysOfDownton

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Even the office dog is feeling the strain… 

Raff the production office dog #papercupmassacre #office #production #LastDaysOfDownton

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It really does feel like the end of an era. 


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