Coronation Street: Jason “may never walk or talk again” following savage beating by Callum

Young Max will witness the brutal attack - but will he tell Kylie about what he's seen?

Jason Grimshaw is to be put on the critical list next week after being savagely beaten by an increasingly menacing Callum Logan.


Jason’s nearest and dearest will be told by doctors that he might never walk or talk again in the wake of the attack, which will leave Tony Stewart desperate for revenge.

Poor Jason will be set upon by Callum and his thugs after he confronts the Weatherfield drug dealer in the Rovers. After noticing Callum harassing Sarah, Jason steps in with a warning before tipping a pint in Callum’s lap.

When Jason later intervenes during a confrontation outside the Platts’, Callum decides to stamp his authority on the situation by dragging Jason into the ginnel to teach him who’s boss.

Scenes to be shown on Thursday 20 August find Sarah discovering Jason’s body and phoning for an ambulance as his family gather around, horrified by the extent of his injuries.

But little do they know that young Max has seen Callum and his heavies giving Jason a kicking. But will he be brave enough to tell mum Kylie about what he’s witnessed?

“The gang’s attack on Jason is truly sickening and will definitely shock viewers. But that is exactly what bosses want to achieve,” a show source recently told the Sun. “They want to show fans how evil Callum can be when he puts his mind to it.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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