EastEnders: A desperate Kathy makes a risky return to Walford

She's in dire need of Phil's help, but will he be there for his ex-wife when she comes calling at The Arches?


Ever since we first saw her stepping out of a car in Feburary’s EastEnders live episodes, Kathy Beale’s return has been quite the big deal for fans of the Walford-set soap.


They did think she’d died in a car crash after all – and so did wayward son Ben Mitchell.

When will she be back? What will Ian say? And how will Ben feel when he discovers his mum has been alive all this time and didn’t tell him? Surely it’ll put those plans to leave Walford after three months on hold?

None of that matters for now, though, because Kathy’s got bigger fish to fry. And we don’t mean the ones in son Ian’s chippy.

She’s desperate to get back to the Square as soon as possible, but she’s going to need some help to do it.

That’s why she takes a massive risk and heads straight for The Arches seeking Phil’s help. She opens up to her ex about her plans to come home, and soon finds herself begging for his assistance.

Will Phill lend a helping hand? Or will he send her packing?

Find out when EastEnders airs these scenes from Monday August 17th.


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