Doctor Who: Which is the best Matt Smith episode?

The Eleventh Doctor had many adventures - but which one holds the fondest place in your hearts? Vote now!


When Matt Smith was cast as the Doctor he was a relative unknown, but over almost four years he made the role his own and became a fan-favourite. Whether he was travelling with Amy, River or Clara he could always be relied upon for an adventure – but which story is the best?


Check out the episode reminders over the next few pages, and then get voting for your favourite. Geronimo!

The Eleventh Hour

Matt Smith crashed onto the scene as the Eleventh Doctor in this action-packed series premiere. 

The Beast Below

The future of England has a dark secret – and it could tear apart the Doctor and Amy (Karen Gillan).

Victory of the Daleks

The tin-plated tyrants doll themselves up in camo gear in World War Two to create a new, more powerful species of Dalek. 

The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

River Song (Alex Kingston) and the Weeping Angels return as the Doctor and Amy are drafted in to deal with a downed spaceship.

The Vampires of Venice

Rory (Arthur Darvill) joins the Tardis crew permanently as they encounter some less-than-conventional “Vampires” in the canals of Venice.

Amy’s Choice

Toby Jones guest-stars as the Dream Lord, forcing the Doctor, Amy and Rory to work out if they’re asleep or awake – and there’s no second guess.

The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood

Classic series monsters the Silurians make a comeback, but can they co-exist with the human race?

Vincent and The Doctor

Troubled painter Vincent Van Gogh gets a few unexpected visitors – but not all of them are as friendly as the Doctor and Amy…

The Lodger

The Doctor gets a flatshare in this breezy comic episode, guest-starring James Corden.

The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang


The Doctor’s enemies team up as an ancient plot is uncovered and the mystery of the cracks in time is discovered.