How did Emmerdale film a fake helicopter crash? The secrets of the summer stunt revealed

Find out exactly how the soap brought Pete and Debbie's disastrous wedding day to TV screens


Any time a soap opera does a big stunt or disaster scene there’s far more too it than meets the eye – and the same can be said for Emmerdale’s helicopter crash.


Viewers have watched a fire at the scrap yard set off a gas canister, which explodes into the sky bringing down a passing helicopter, which then plummets through the roof of a village hall before setting off a massive explosion that takes out the building and a nearby mirror maze.

Oh and, as well as that, there’s been a death-defying dive from the back of a van perched precariously atop a cliff, and a ferocious fist fight in the grounds of a hospital.

Got your breath back yet? Recovered from all the dramatic deaths?

Then why not figure out exactly how they did it with a sneak peek behind the scenes?


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