Sneak peek of Bake Off week one: panicky contestants – and a guilty-looking Mel and Sue

Baking doesn't get tougher than this

The Great British Bake Off returns tonight and, by the look of these panicky pictures, it’s panic stations all round. 


So much can go wrong with a bake. Sure, it’s a piece of cake in your own kitchen when you’ve got all the time in the world to twirl around, singing a sweet tune while dusting it with icing sugar. But this is THE tent with Mary Berry, steely Paul Hollywood and 11 other competitive bakers doing things with chocolate you can only dream of… 

Ahead of tonight’s first episode, we have a bash at guessing what might be in store…

Oh dear, it looks like Mel is about to break it to Flora that she’s eaten all but one of the cherries needed for her signature bake. “They were just there, Flora, looking all shiny and juicy and I hadn’t had lunch…” 

Sue also looks like she’s just helped herself to a bit of chocolate off the counter. Here’s betting Ian wouldn’t be out of pocket if he offered her a thousand pounds to whistle.

Meanwhile, Mat looks like he’s just double-checked the recipe and realised the cake is meant to be four-tiered.

Nadiya, on the other hand, looks like she’s using stare-power alone to make her cake rise…

While Alvin daren’t open his eyes or breathe in case his dream shatters:

Stressful this baking lark, isn’t it? Well, for some anyway…

The Great British Bake Off starts tonight at 8:00pm on BBC1

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