Today was the day that Lost fans got no answers

It's 4/8/15 a.k.a. Lost Day in the UK. Here's why...

Happy Lost Day!


[If you’re in America and thinking, ‘wait, wasn’t Lost Day in April?’ that’s because you write your dates the wrong way round.] 

Today – Tuesday 4th August – is Lost Day. And here’s why…

In 2004, a TV show called Lost hit our screens charting the fortunes of a group of apparent plane crash survivors on a desert island. Despite a riveting first series full of promise and intrigue, the show continued for a further five long and confusing years before finally ending with a finale that no one understood… it was something to do with a big handle and a church, I think. 

Anyway, one of the many mysteries that ran through the show was a set of numbers that just kept recurring.

The combination was etched on “the hatch”, had to be entered into a computer to stop the world coming to an end, made up Hurley’s lotto-winning combination and much, much more. 

It turns out they referred to different people in the show (Locke, Reyes, Forde, Jarrah, Shephard and Kwon to be precise) who were pawns in an evil game of chess between the all-weirding Jacob and his brother the Man in Black (now a popular motion picture).

[SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t watched a show that ended 5 years ago and after reading this article still want to]

The numbers were: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

And that’s why it’s Lost Day. Because at 42 seconds past 4:23pm today (4/8/15) all of those numbers aligned. As mentioned, this happened in America back in April (and no, this article is definitely not recycled from earlier in the year. Promise.)

We had many hopes of what would happen when those fatal numbers aligned. We thought perhaps there would be answers, perhaps we’d finally find out why Hurley lost no weight on a desert island… or maybe we’d miraculously get those 90-odd hours of our lives back that we wasted on waiting for a satisfactory conclusion. Alas, none of this this came to fruition.

If we learned one lesson from Lost it’s that nothing is ever disappointing.


See you in another life, brother…