The Spy Who Loved Me, Wagonmaster, Everything Must Go: films on TV today

Today, one of James Bond's most memorable adversaries, John Ford's most perfect westerns, and Will Ferrell's most out-of-character roles




The Spy Who Loved Me ★★★★
9.00-11.40pm ITV4 

The tenth movie in the apparently endless series and the third outing for Roger Moore as 007. It’s the one in which British and Soviet nuclear submarines mysteriously disappear and, after initial differences, Bond and his Russian counterpart Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach) fall in love as they seek out a state-of-the-art submarine tracking device. Cue much wild action and mayhem plus the customary array of ingenious gadgets. The megalomaniac responsible for all the dirty tricks and hoping to start World War III is Karl Stromberg (Curt Jurgens). The most unusual character is Jaws (Richard Kiel), the murderous thug with the metal teeth. Bach auditioned four days before filming began, expecting only a small part, and ended up as co-star. 

Wagonmaster ★★★★

5.05-6.50pm Movies4Men 

One of the greatest westerns by the director John Ford, about a Mormon wagon train overcoming hazards on the trail as it heads off in the direction of Utah.    

Legion ★★★

11.00pm-1.00am Movie Mix 

The zombie hordes are held back by the Terminator-style gunplay of fallen angel Paul Bettany in this apocalyptic actioner with a biblical flavour.     

Erin Brockovich ★★★★

11.10pm-1.50am 5★ 

Julia Roberts won a well deserved Oscar for her turn as a trailer trash campaigner in a push-up bra who takes on big business armed only with natural smarts and fruity negotiating skills.    

Everything Must Go ★★★★

 11.35pm-1.30am Film Four 

The demon drink leads to Will Ferrell having to camp on his own lawn, but an unlikely friendship with a lonely youngster helps put the brakes on his descent to skid row.    


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