Max von Sydow joins the cast of Game of Thrones

The Exorcist and Star Wars actor will play the Three-Eyed Raven who was briefly portrayed by a different actor in the series four finale

Another day, another veteran actor joining the cast of Game of Thrones. Hot on the heels of Ian McShane’s casting in the HBO fantasy drama, Exorcist star Max von Sydow has signed on for a role that’s new to him… if not quite to viewers.


Von Sydow – who has a part in new Star Wars film The Force Awakens and is also known as Ming the Merciless in Flash Gordon – will play the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran Stark’s mystical tutor, taking over the role from Struan Rodger (left) who made a brief appearance as the character in the series four finale.

According to Entertainment Weekly, neither von Sydow nor McShane will have much screen time, although both their parts are “crucial in their own way”. 

The Three-Eyed Raven is just one of several Thrones characters to be brought to life by more than one actor. Three major characters underwent a makeover at the start of series four as Daario Naharis, Ser Gregor Clegane and Tommen Baratheon were all recast, with Michael Huisman, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson and Dean-Charles Chapman, respectively, stepping into the roles.

The sixth series of Game of Thrones is currently in production with von Sydow already on set.


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