Everyone’s watching this new Fantastic Four trailer for the Deadpool cameo

After three-and-a-half minutes of Fantastic action, Ryan Reynolds' character makes a brief, tantalising appearance and gets everyone far more excited

Despite everyone’s best efforts, no one is particularly excited about the new Fantastic Four film. The reboot – which stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan – has released stills, teasers, trailers and had its obligatory awkward press tour moment… but with a release date on Thursday, it’s struggled to secure the sort of buzz enjoyed by its superhero rivals. 


Nevertheless, plenty of fans are watching the film’s latest trailer. Not for the three-and-a-half minutes of gung-ho action sequences, slick special effects or dramatic facial expressions, mind. Those poor Fantastic folks have done their best, but viewers are far more interested in the 15-second cameo from Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) who appears at the very end with a special promise. Take a look below – we dare you not to fast-forward.

Ever since his own trailer was screened at Comic-Con, Deadpool has enjoyed the type of hype the FF reboot can only dream of – and with the long-anticipated footage finally set to appear online later today, his gatecrashing has done his Fantastic friends a favour.


For those of you who watched that Fantastic Four trailer all the way to the end, here’s another special treat – a teaser for Deadpool’s trailer which Reynolds is set to debut later today in the US on chat show Conan. You’re welcome.


Fantastic Four is released in UK cinemas on Thursday 6th August. Deadpool is due out on 5th February 2016