Neighbours: Amber makes a big decision about her baby and Tyler’s heartbroken over Brennan and Paige

10-14 August: Plus the Brennan boys get a shock when their dad arrives on Ramsay Street

Monday 10th August


When Joshʼs hopes of getting a visa for the US are dashed, Amber decides to stay in Australia to be surrounded by family. Imogen goes to university to listen to Casperʼs lecture but is shocked when Daniel shows up out of the blue. Paige confronts Brennan once and for all about his feelings for her.

Tuesday 11th August

Tyler is heartbroken when he discovers that Paige and Brennan are a couple, but he buries his feelings for his brotherʼs sake. Susan frets about Benʼs emotional state and is concerned that she cannot figure out what is wrong. Toadie and Sonya grapple with the idea of putting Nell into childcare.

Wednesday 12th August

Tyler decides to move out of the Kennedy house. Paige encourages Brennan to contact his father, which has the surprising side effect of bringing him to Ramsay Street. Kyle offers Amy a full-time job and she tries to persuade the Rebecchis to let Jimmy stay longer by helping around the house.

Thursday 13th August

Aaron is furious with Mark for inviting their father to town, and Tyler jumps on his bike and leaves so that he does not have to see him. Susan leads an impromptu memorial service for Nellʼs lost teddy. Amy and Kyle share an electrically charged moment together. Naomi fears that Sheila has lost her mojo.

Friday 14th August


Amy feels guilty after her frisson with Kyle and resigns her post, but when Paul finds out he offers her a role working with him instead. Josh realises that it is time he stepped up his game and assures Amber that he will be there for her, whatever the diagnosis. Sheila is stunned when she discovers who has been stealing from the Waterhole.