Home and Away: Zac proposes to Leah while Phoebe and Ash share an intimate moment

10-14 August: Plus Ricky breaks down when she's given a box of Brax's belongings

Monday August 10th


Kyle and Phoebe are concerned that Ricky is not grieving properly, but Ash pulls them up on it and argues that she is coping in her own way. Ricky threatens to leave if Kyle and Ash retaliate against Gunno. Zac makes a song and dance of proposing to Leah, only for her to say no in front of the whole Bay, which leaves Zac devastated.

Tuesday August 11th

Billie is in awe of Nate after he saves her from drowning. Leah overcomes her fears and proposes to Zac. Back from visiting the Braxton clan, Kyle tells Phoebe that he wants them to get back together. Later that night, however, Ash and Phoebe go skinny-dipping together and share a cosy moment on the beach, much to the surprise of both of them.

Wednesday August 12th

John and Marilyn and shocked when they learn that Jett has been accepted into a boarding school on a cadet scholarship. Ash feels dejected when Phoebe decides to get back together with Kyle. Sean turns up at Hannahʼs place wanting to talk, but soon the pair start kissing.

Thursday August 13th

Hannah is torn between Andy and Sean and confesses her guilt to Denny, but an appalled Evie overhears everything. Oscar is hurt when Matt comments on his lack of affection towards Maddy, and his subsequent attempts to overcompensate only makes matters worse. Hannah meets Sean again and discovers that he is married.

Friday August 14th


Evie berates Hannah for cheating on Andy and insists that she tell him. Oscar apologises to Maddy for his drunken behaviour, telling her that he is tired of always being a responsible, boring guy. Ricky breaks down when she opens a box of Braxʼs belongings from the prison. Hannah meets with Andy to break up with him but cannot go through with it.