Sci-fi drama Humans booted up for second series

The UK/US coproduction has been a ratings smash for Channel 4

Time to invest in new plug adapters for your synths and get them dancing the robot – because Channel 4’s AI-themed series Humans is coming back for another run.


Starring Gemma Chan, Colin Morgan, William Hurt and Katherine Parkinson, the series imagines a “parallel present” where humanity lives alongside docile robot servants, or synthetics, who carry out a lot of the world’s domestic chores and manual labour. However, some of them may be more human than their owners realise….

The series is written by Spooks scribes Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley in a coproduction between Channel 4 and US broadcaster AMC, with all partners presumably returning for the second eight-episode series that will shoot next year. 

The move to re-commission the series isn’t exactly a surprise – the first episode drew in Channel 4’s highest-ever drama ratings at 6.1 million viewers, and maintained an audience of around 4.8 million week by week – but the official announcement only came through this afternoon. In other words, this synth just got real.

“Humans has proved a huge hit with both audiences and critics alike this summer, and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to writers Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley and to the team at Kudos for bringing a truly unmissable show to life,” said Channel 4’s head of drama Piers Wenger.

He added: “We look forward to working with our partners AMC on series 2 of Humans and to more Synth-related adventures to come”.


Humans series one concludes on Channel 4 this Sunday (2nd August) at 9.00pm