If you like Humans, you’ll love…

More thought-provoking sci-fi to fill the void

Tonight Humans comes to a close. The sci-fi series starring Colin Morgan and Gemma Chan has won Channel 4 some of its highest ever drama ratings and acclaim from both viewers and critics.


But if eight episodes of robots, plots, moral quandaries and just plain creepiness weren’t enough for you, then the world of on demand is bursting at the seams with movies and TV shows that can supply more of the above. We just know you’ll love…

Black Mirror – Be Right Back

When it comes to morally ambiguous, challenging yet populist sci-fi, you won’t do much better than Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror. Series two’s Be Right Back has a particular resonance with Humans, as it features the twisted relationship between the bereaved Martha (Hayley Atwell) and a robot designed to look like her dead husband (Domnhall Gleeson). While he can’t actually feel emotions, he can simulate them – but can Martha really find happiness with him?


Black Mirror is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Blinkbox and iTunes

Robot & Frank 

If the relationship between William Hurt’s George Millican and his synth Odie (Will Tudor) tugged at your heartstrings during Humans, then you’ll love this sweet and affecting tale of one man’s growing friendship with a robot sent to take care of him as his health fails. Frank Langella stars as former cat burglar Frank, who struggles with his memory and his growing dependence on others – but the arrival of his mechanical pal gives him the inspiration to pull off one last job…

Robot Frank is available on Amazon Instant Video, Blinkbox and iTunes


Another slick Channel 4 drama, Dennis Kelly’s Utopia is a perfect accompaniment to Humans, and even shares a star in Neil Maskell (who here plays troubled hitman Arby). Cancelled after just two series, there’s still plenty to enjoy as Jessica Hyde (Fiona O’Shaughnessy) and her friends battle the mysterious Network and their sinister plans to curb world population. Se7en director David Fincher is currently set to remake the series for a US audience, accompanied by Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn, so check out the original before it really explodes.


Utopia is available on Amazon Instant Video, Blinkbox and iTunes