Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is “a lot less brattish” in Victorian-set special

Showrunner Steven Moffat has promised a "more polished" Sherlock and a "more uptight" John Watson when the much-anticipated one-off special airs

Steven Moffat is a man who holds a lot of secrets. Just yesterday he was teasing Maisie Williams’ mysterious role in Doctor Who series nine – and now he’s been giving away (tiny) titbits about the upcoming Sherlock special. 


“Sherlock is a little more polished. He operates like a Victorian gentleman instead of a posh, rude man. He’s a lot less brattish,” Moffat revealed while taking and, for the most part deftly dodging, questions at a TCA panel in Beverley Hills. 

Martin Freeman’s John Watson is, on the other hand, “more uptight” in his period setting. 

“By the end, Martin was ready to go back to the more acerbic version, but I think Benedict really enjoyed being Victorian Holmes. He was saying halfway through: ‘Let’s always do this. I quite like it,’” said Moffat. 

The showrunner, who was joined by his wife and Sherlock producer Sue Vertue, also revealed that viewers shouldn’t expect an explanation for the jump in time: “We never bothered explaining what they were doing in modern London, so why bother explaining what they’re doing in Victorian London, when that’s where they’re supposed to be?”

And refused to confirm when fans would actually get to watch the hotly-anticipated episode. 

“We’ve never said it’s a Christmas special,” said Vertue, while Moffat added that it was “probably Christmas-ish… We don’t actually know. We’re not making this up.”


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