Who will win The Great British Bake Off series six?

We've seen their faces, read their bios, had the briefest glimpse of them in action and trawled their Twitter profiles – but are we any the wiser about who will actually win?

Can you spot a Great British Bake Off winner from their bio alone?


As predictions go it’s probably as tricky a task as making filo pastry from feta cheese, but we reckon we’re up for the challenge.

And, to be fair, we do have a couple of hints to work with.

We know, for example, that bodybuilder Ugne’s gluten-free experiments on her blog will make her a choux-in for the inevitable ‘free-from’ technical challenge.

And that 19-year-old Flora’s Scottish roots will surely mean she has been studying previous finalist and fan favourite James Morton’s baking wizardry.

And that Mat’s ditching of the superfluous extra ‘T’ in his name shows that this is a man who isn’t afraid to deviate from the standard recipe.

But it’s hard to know how much to read into tiny biographical details. How will Stu’s punk rock background for example go down with baking classicist Mary Berry?

Is previous winner John Whaite’s endorsement of Alvin’s Instagram feed a sign of great things to come?

On such crumbs we must feast before the new series actually begins on Wednesday 5th August.

We do have one more clue: the latest trailer for GBBO gives us the first taste of this year’s bakers in action.

Is this a face of pride or pain from Marie? So hard to tell.

So, time to put your millionaire’s shortbread where your mouth is, and predict who will win The Great British Bake Off 2015. Remind yourself of all the contestants here, and then vote.

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