What we’ve learnt from obsessively studying the Made in Chelsea LA trailer

We've really and truly dissected those 40 seconds for all possible clues about the drama to come...

If you’ve stuck with Made in Chelsea until now, you’re probably a serious fan. So you’ll know that if MIC: New York was anything to go by, MIC: LA is going to make our heads spin just as fast with glorious drama.


We want to know exactly what’s going on with Steph and Josh, whether Jamie and Jess are actually going out, and if Binky is going to try and get JP back. Also, we’re anticipating plenty of pool parties. 

So before the series starts on 10th August at 9pm, here’s what we’ve learnt from watching that 40 second trailer over and over again – like Sherlock Holmes if he’d watched lots of reality TV. 

1) American girls are going to make things very complex for the boys (one ‘boi’ in particular?)

In the trailer, an LA local (of the attractive female variety, obviously) asks JP and Jamie if they’re single and their laddish grins suggest they may be tempted to say yes. Then again, for all we know, they may indeed be up for grabs (pun intended) again. After all, the last time we saw Jamie and Jess, they had agreed to give their relationship a go but Jess was finding it tricky to leave the Friend Zone. Two weeks ago, this popped up on Instagram, suggesting that the pair were still involved. 

Chillin with j ☀️

A post shared by Jess (@jessicaannewoodley) on

But given that the trailer shows Jamie asking an American girl out to dinner, RadioTimes.com now suspects that this is not going to be the romance of the century…

2) Jess makes Jamie jealous

There’s a scene in the trailer where a very upset Jamie tells Jess, “just don’t date in front of me.” While Jamie is definitely a player, could it be that it’s Jess who breaks it off with him? Or that she ends up hurting his feelings (and ego, no doubt) more than he hurts hers?

3) The Binky and JP story is far from over

In the final episodes of the last series, Binky was doubting her decision to end things with JP. They started flirting again and in the trailer we see her smack his bottom – presumably not something you do to an ex unless the romance has started up again…

4) JP is capable of being angry

In the short time we’ve ‘known’ JP on Made in Chelsea, he’s been extremely calm and relaxed, never showing annoyance when teased mercilessly by the boys or rejected by Binky. But the trailer shows he’s got a spiky side, because we see him saying he “doesn’t want to talk” to Binky after they have “a huge fight.” Maybe this is just the rocky path to true love, or perhaps JP will drown his sorrows with an LA lady at a pool party…

5) Steph and Josh are a disaster

Since the last series ended, it’s been clear from social media that Steph and Josh are very, very rocky, if not over. Steph tweeted this not-very-cryptic reference to rebuilding her friendship with Lucy after she’d been “sleeping with the enemy”. Ouch. It’s definitely the sort of phrase usually reserved for ex-partners. So we’re guessing they’re both single… 

But how did it happen? Well, from the trailer it looks like the break up is down to Josh. Steph’s tearful “it is so clear that you want to be single” certainly suggests that he’s not up for the commitment. Did they just lose the spark, or could nice guy Josh be more of a Spencer-style lad than we thought?

Well, at least Lucy Watson can cheer up with her BFF back…


Made in Chelsea LA starts on 10th August at 9pm on Channel 4

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