Sad news JK Rowling fans: there aren’t actually any #NewHarryPotterBooks

A misleading hashtag has been trending on Twitter this morning - and it's left a lot of Harry Potter fans crying into their breakfast cereal

When Harry Potter fans awoke this morning they were greeted by an exciting sight: #NewHarryPotterBooks trending on Twitter. JK Rowling publishing a new novel set in Potter’s Wizarding World would be THE dream come true. They (and we – let’s not pretend here) were beside ourselves. We could hardly believe it…  


But then the truth became sadly apparent… The cruel and misleading hashtag was actually started by Comedy Central chat show At Midnight. And in fact has nothing to do with Rowling penning a new Potter adventure. 

To say fans felt cheated would be an understatement… 

Understandably, there has been anger.

And tears.

ITV2 are besides themselves.

And this guy? Well, the light’s really gone out in his eyes.

Potter fans are officially inconsolable.

Threats are being now made.

Unforgivable threats.

Sure, some Rowling fans swallowed their sobs and played the game. Really rather well… 

But the lesson we’ve all learned here? Don’t ever joke about new Harry Potter books.


Never. Okay?

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