Mission: Impossible 6 is already in the works

Tom Cruise, who has starred as action hero Ethan Hawke since 1996, has revealed that the next film in the franchise is likely to start shooting next summer

Mission: Impossible 6 is only just hitting cinemas around the globe, but there will be no let up for the film’s star Tom Cruise, who has revealed the wheels are already in motion for the next movie in the franchise.


Cruise, who has starred as hero Ethan Hawke since the first movie in 1996, won’t be getting much of a rest after filming and promoting Rogue Nation. Because he’s already starting to work on Mission: Impossible 6.

Talking to US chat show host Jon Stewart last night on The Daily Show, the 53-year-old actor said, “We’re starting to work on it now. We’ll probably start shooting it next summer.”


If all goes to plan that could mean the next Mission: Impossible film will hit cinemas quite soon – at least compared to the lengthy breaks the franchise’s fans have had to endure in the past. There have been up to six years between instalments in the past, with Rogue Nation reaching fans four years after Ghost Protocol.

It seems that won’t be case with MI: 6, though. Brace yourselves, Mission fans…


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