Doctor Who series 9 to shed light on Peter Capaldi’s surprise Day of the Doctor cameo

If you thought you’d seen the last of those attack eyebrows, think again

In November 2013, Doctor Who special The Day of the Doctor gave us our very first look at Peter Capaldi in the title role, and although it was only a glimpse of attack eyebrows and a hand it was enough to have us all super excited about what to expect from the next incarnation of the Time Lord.


However, if you think Capaldi’s Day of the Doctor story ended there then you may be mistaken – because the actor himself has suggested we’ll be seeing an episode that explains his out-of-sync appearance in the forthcoming series. 

When asked at San Diego Comic-con earlier this month if series nine would explain how the Twelfth Doctor came to Gallifrey’s aid in the anniversary special (see video below), Capaldi replied emphatically “Yes,” though he went on to explain that he couldn’t say much more about exactly how that would play out.

“Well you know, it’s really hard,” he told Erik Nagel. “Right at this moment, I’m here at Comic-Con, but I’m actually in the middle of filming episode 11, which is part of the finale of this season.”

“So I know stuff that is unfolding in episode 11, and I know certain things that are happening in episode 12… I haven’t read episode 12, so I don’t know exactly what’s going on there, but in answer to your question… you’ll have to wait and see.”

Tantalising stuff – and it wouldn’t be the first time Capaldi’s era of Doctor Who has crossed over with past series. Matt Smith’s preceding incarnation of the Doctor appeared for a cameo phone conversation in Capaldi’s first full episode Deep Breath, and also popped up for a flashback in series finale Death in Heaven (where it was explained that Michelle Gomez’s Missy had been responsible for putting the Doctor and Clara together in the first place). 

That said, giving a whole new side to a storyline we’ve already seen is definitely a bigger step for the sci-fi series – but whatever happens, we can’t wait to see just how it all plays out. Only 51 days and 11 episodes to go…


Doctor Who will return to BBC One on the 19th September