Simon Pegg talks Mission: Impossible – “You wait for the script to see if you die or not”

The actor plays techinician turned field agent alongside Tom Cruise in Rogue Nation


Actor Simon Pegg is a man after our own heart. Upon receiving a Mission: Impossible script, he checked to see if his character Benji Dunn dies. You would, wouldn’t you? 


Indeed Pegg says he was “hoping” to do another M:I film. Get the gang back together, find out what’s going on with the IMF and all that. But you know, first things first: “You just wait for the script to see if you die or not”.

The rest of the cast would clearly be gutted if Benji didn’t make it. “Funny”, “witty”, “talented”… these are just a few of the kind words his co-stars – including Mr Tom Cruise of course – have to say about him. He’s a guy they want around.

See their thoughts and sneak-peek at the action in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation below:


Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is in cinemas & IMAX from July 30th