Ingrid Oliver “happy dances” her way back into Doctor Who (and our hearts) as Osgood returns

The Doctor's biggest fan is back for the sci-fi series this year, and it's super exciting

As you probably know, after her tragic death at the hands of Missy in series eight finale Death in Heaven, Ingrid Oliver’s superfan-cum-scientist Osgood is coming back to Doctor Who – and we couldn’t be happier.


Well, at least that’s what we thought, but now Oliver herself has shown that she’s clearly the most chuffed of anybody about her return, demonstrating her very best “happy dance” in a new video posted by the BBC.

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After a recap of her farewell interview from Death in Heaven, Oliver pops up with a plethora of shapes to throw, in front of what looks like a set for the new series. Her style is a little ragged, true, but we’re liking her enthusiasm – even if she’s a little way off the triumph of Matt Smith’s drunken giraffe.

Still, we’re not sure if Osgood’s on-screen return will be quite so happy, considering that she very well could be a Zygon in disguise – or still dead. But for now, let’s just enjoy the dancing…


Doctor Who will return to TV on the 19th September