Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd heads to the UK to read grown-up viewers a bedtime story on Crackanory

The US comedy film legend will tell a dark and twisted tale in the new third series of the Dave show

Great Scott! Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd – AKA eccentric time-travelling scientist Dr Emmett “Doc” Brown – is to read British viewers a dark and twisted bedtime story in the new third series of Crackanory, coming to UKTV channel Dave later this year, can exclusively reveal.


Lloyd is set to bring his trademark frenetic delivery to the bizarre noirish story of a police officer who loses his partner in the line of duty but begins to suspect the dead cop has possessed his car’s Sat Nav system.

“It gets kind of crazy,” Lloyd told “I do love the premise… and I find myself becoming very physical with it in the [storyteller’s] chair, impersonating these various voices. I feel the narrator isn’t just telling a story objectively, I feel he gets really involved in it, that he has some stake in it and has an attitude about these two cops who are very different from one from the other. I’m trying to figure out what his point of view on this story is, where he stands…”

Lloyd filmed the story while he was over in the UK for London Comic Con, where he appeared alongside former co-star Michael J Fox on the Back to the Future panel

Signing up the cult Hollywood star is a major coup for Crackanory, which already has a record of attracting the cream of British comedy talent to the show. A story from the late, great Rik Mayall in one of his final ever TV appearances was the highlight of the last series, with a new line-up of talent set to join Lloyd in the upcoming third series.


Crackanory Series 3 comes to Dave later this year, in partnership with Audible

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