Pixar made a small but important change to the Japanese version of Inside Out

In America and the UK, broccoli is kids' dinnertime nightmare whereas in Japan it's green peppers that cause disgust...

We all know films get lost in translation, but who’d have thought a bit of broccoli could provoke such a difference in opinion?


David Lally, a tech artist at Pixar, has revealed that in the dubbed Japanese version of the new animation, all the broccoli was removed because the green veg – dreaded by plenty of children in the UK and US – doesn’t have such a bad reputation among Japanese kids. Instead, it was replaced with green peppers which are universally considered seriously gross. 

Pete Docter, writer and director of the Pixar movie, spent six years learning about the inner workings of our brains and the effects that five key emotions – joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust – have upon us, creating Inside Out, a film that goes inside the head of young Riley.

In the American version of the critically-acclaimed movie, Riley’s dad tries to feed her broccoli but this causes Disgust, an emotion played by Mindy Kaling, to get involved resulting in the toddler having a major tantrum and chucking the vegetables at her dad’s face. 


Thanks to the swap, Japanese kids are more likely to understand why the emotion of Disgust rears its ugly head at dinnertime… but the film also shows young audiences why it’s wise to eat your greens. Anger, played by comedian Lewis Black, takes a step back as soon as he finds out there’ll be no dessert for Riley until she’s gobbled up her vegetables…

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