Have you noticed that Inside Out’s Joy looks almost exactly the same as Marge Simpson?

The Amy Poehler-voiced Pixar star bears an uncanny resemblance to the cartoon classic


If you watch Pixar’s newly-released Inside Out this weekend, you’ll probably feel almost as many emotions as its protagonist Riley. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and think with nostalgia to your youth or hope to your future – but you might also be struck by a twinge of recognition.


You see, we’ve spotted that lead character Joy (voiced by Amy Poehler) bears a striking resemblance to iconic cartoon matriarch Marge Simpson, as voiced by Julie Kavner for many years. See what we mean?

Granted, Joy’s ‘do is a little different from Marge’s (perhaps the sort of pixie crop she might have sported in her younger Bouvier days) and she’s lacking the necklace and shoes, but we still think the similarities in skin tone, hair colour and clothing are pretty uncanny.

And if you think about it, with their optimistic outlooks and attempts to preside over unruly families, Marge and Joy aren’t so different after all.


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