Spectre trailer pays tribute to classic James Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

The thrilling new promo features John Barry's unmistakable theme music for the 1969 007 outing


Did you spot the reference to 1969 Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in the new trailer for Spectre?


During a car chase around the Eternal City, fans of George Lazenby’s one and only outing as 007 will have picked up the strains of John Barry’s theme music for the movie. It’s not the original version featuring the fuzzy Moog synth bassline, but it is unmistakable nonetheless.

Here’s the original…

And here it is, from around 1:45 right up until the end, in the new trailer…

This little tribute pleases me, not only because I think OHMSS is up there with A View To a Kill as one of the best Bond themes of all time but also because I really like the film itself, which doesn’t always get a great press.

It’s often remembered as overly cheesy – thanks in great part to the hilariously camp movie poster (above) – but the theme tune hints at its darker side, which includes the death of Bond’s wife and some of the toughest and most believable fight scenes you’ll see from any 007 – including Daniel Craig…