Cast of The Archers to reveal the secrets of Ambridge at Radio Times Festival

Charles Collingwood, Carole Boyd, Louiza Patikas and Timothy Watson will join a panel going behind the scenes of the long-running Radio 4 drama

To many loyal listeners the stars of The Archers are known only by their dulcet tones, but this September fans have the chance to put a face to a voice as the cast appear at the inaugural Radio Times Festival in one of a triple bill of events centred around Radio 4’s legendary rural drama.


Almost sixty-five years after the first official episode played out on the BBC Home Service, The Archers is now approaching its 18,000th episode. The show’s editor, Sean O’Connor, will take us behind the scenes of the world’s longest-running radio soap, and will be joined by Charles Collingwood (Brian Aldridge), Carole Boyd (Lynda Snell), Louiza Patikas (Helen Archer) and Timothy Watson (Rob Titchener). Chaired by Eddie Mair.

The Festival will also see Collingwood lead an ‘Archers Masterclass’, his guide to acting on the radio, drawing on his 40 years’ experience on the show, which has seen his character involved in extra-marital affairs, the disappearance of his teenage daughter and even being knocked over by a BSE-ridden heifer.

Meanwhile, Tim Bentinck (David Archer), Carole Boyd and Sean O’Connor will join studio manager Andy Partington for Secret Sounds of The Archers, which will answer such questions as how they create the sound of a cow giving birth, what everyday household item has been heard on the show for over fifty years and what really made the noises of Joe Grundy killing his ferrets… 

The Radio Times Festival runs between 24th and 27th September at Hampton Court Palace and features stars of TV, radio and beyond. Tickets can be purchased for individual events with VIP tickets available for each day.


Tickets for the Radio Times Festival are available from the official website (click here or on the banner below for details). The festival runs 24-27 September on The Green at Hampton Court Palace.