Neighbours: Nate and Aaron get steamy, while Tyler goes missing

27-31 July: Plus Paige hinks that Joey will seek retribution, but Brennan dismisses her concerns


Monday 27 July


Paige is forced to admit her involvement in Dimatoʼs car ring when Tyler disappears and is thought to be in danger. Meanwhile, Brad and Lauren lament Paigeʼs decision to move to Singapore with Mary. Naomi throws her hat into the ring and puts herself forward to organise the Lassiterʼs rebranding launch party. 

Tuesday 28 July

With Paige by his side, Brennan races to an abandoned car park to find Tyler in the middle of a confrontation with Dimato. Terese is noticeably disappointed when Paige decides to stay in Erinsborough after all. Naomiʼs ʻhotel boxʼ promotion hits a snag and she is forced to take extreme measures. 

Wednesday 29 July

Sheila offers to make dinner for Paul and Naomi in an effort to apologise. Nate and Aaron end their time in Naomiʼs promotional box with a kiss. Karl is perturbed when Jimmy unearths copies of the Ramsay Street secrets. Kyle and Amy place a raunchy bet on the outcome of the unique trader competition. 

Thursday 30 July

Amber blasts Josh for lying to her about losing his job and tells him that he needs to do some growing up. Jimmyʼs extortion racket pushes Sheila to the brink. Paul saves the day when the Canning/Robinson dinner risks descending into chaos. Hoping to stop Jimmyʼs blackmail demands, Susan reveals her secret to Karl. 

Friday 31 July


Despite pressure from Kyle, Paul and Naomi, Sheila remains silent about the real reason for shaking Jimmy. With the reality of her part in Joey Dimatoʼs arrest starting to hit home, Paige is worried that Joey will seek revenge against her. Aaron and Josh bond over their mutual unemployment and Josh suggests they form a dance troupe. 

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