Home and Away: Leah collapses, while Ash decides to break Brax out of prison

27-31 July: Plus Matt is relieved when he leaves court with a good behaviour bond. And Hannah is rattled when her ex Sean turns up in Summer Bay

Monday 27 July


While Leah wanders alone and disorientated in the bush, Zac and Matt argue about who is to blame for her disappearance. Brax has a surprise in store for Ash and Kyle when they visit him in prison—he wants their help to break him out. Ricky doubts her parenting abilities when she notices that everybody else is doing a better job of getting Casey to sleep.

Tuesday 28 July

Leah is found and rushed to hospital. On her release, she admits that she cannot go on like this and resigns herself to having the brain operation. Ash cannot risk leaving Denny and Billie alone and backs out of helping Brax break out of prison. John pushes Chris too hard when he tries for his bronze medallion. 

Wednesday 29 July

VJ comes to terms with Leahʼs wish that her life support be turned off if the operation is unsuccessful. Matt is overjoyed when he leaves court with a good behaviour bond, and is quick to thank Nate and Kat for their support. On her first day back at work, Hannah recognises the neurosurgeon treating Leah and is keen to avoid him. 

Thursday 30 July

Hannah is shaken by the appearance of Sean, her ex-boyfriend, and is surprised to hear that he is planning on staying. Maddy is disappointed that Oscar only wants to be friends. Alf recounts a painful memory to his psychologist which leaves him distraught. Josh is furious with Evie for organising a party for his 18th and storms out. 

Friday 31 July


Alf has a breakdown in therapy but Maria assures him that they are on the right path to beating his PTSD. Josh opens up to Andy about his disappointment with his mum, who promised him an elaborate birthday party when he turned 18. Brax calls Ricky and says goodbye before being transferred. Ash breaks up with Denny before heading off to break Brax out of prison.

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