Coronation Street: Callum to put Bethany in danger, reveals Lucy Fallon – “She has no idea what she’s getting herself into”

"She’s young and naïve - and not too clever!" adds the actress

Wayward Bethany Platt is to go further off the rails when she starts drug dealing for the reprehensible Callum Logan.


Bethany is fast falling for her mum’s boyfriend and will try to kiss Callum in scenes to be shown next week. But there’s trouble ahead after Bethany gets involved in Callum’s criminal activities and finds herself caught up in a police raid.

Bethany will also scheme to make Sarah dump Callum by telling her that he’s always eyeing up other women. But when she later tries to blackmail Callum into doing her bidding, has Bethany got herself in too deep?

Here, actress Lucy Fallon reveals what lies ahead for her tearaway character as the tensions rise within the Platt house…

So what is it about Callum that Bethany is drawn to?
Bethany hasn’t had a boyfriend before, because she’s only young. So I think the fact that somebody who is a lot older, who’s quite charming and is giving her a lot of attention is really appealing to her. He’s getting her involved in things that she’s excited about, so that’s what she’s drawn to with Callum. And she also thinks he’s fit!

Does she genuinely think that Callum might fancy her back?
Yeah, she does. There are quite a few scenes where it does sort of come across that he might fancy her. And, because she young and naïve, she takes anything he says in the wrong way. So she definitely thinks that he fancies her.

So what does she make of her mum’s relationship with Callum?
She’s jealous. And she tries to make Sarah feel like Callum doesn’t like her because she doesn’t want them to be together.

Why is she so keen to help Callum with his drug dealing?
She wants to help him because she wants him to like her. So Bethany thinks if she helps him to do all these things that he’s asking her to do, then maybe there’ll be more of a chance that they’ll actually be together.

But does she have any idea what she’s getting herself into?
No, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into because she’s young and naïve – and not too clever! She doesn’t even have an opinion on Callum’s feud with David – all she cares about his herself.

Why is Bethany so keen to stay in Weatherfield rather than return to sunny Milan?
I think it’s because she probably wasn’t getting very much attention off her mum when she lived in Milan, so now she’s back in Weatherfield, she’s got all these people to stir things up with which is much more fun.

Where do you think Bethany gets her ruthless, devious streak from?
Definitely her mum. Sarah was like that when she was younger, so she’s just sort of taking over from her – and because her mum’s not given her much attention. she’s just rebelled and does what she wants.

And do you think that Callum and Bethany are evenly matched?
Bethany would like to think so, but no, Bethany’s not as bad as Callum. She’s not a villain, she’s just got wrapped up in his games. I don’t think they’re the same at all because she’s not a bad character. She’s just young.

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