Twitter is having a #HappyBirthdayBenedictCumberbatch party

Ain't no party like a Cumber party...

The internet is having a party because it’s Benedict Cumberbatch’s birthday.


Happy birthday BC! Yes, the actor turns 39 today. It’s led to possibly one of the longest hashtags yet, actually leaving little room for messages (darn those 140 character limits). But that won’t stop the online celebrations. 

In fact, this savvy tweeter got his whole name in alongside the lengthy hashtag:

A sassy bit of shortening with ‘Shezza’ helped here for the Sherlock star:

Celebrations have been kicking off as midnight struck around the world:

There’s a good bit of singing, dancing and fangirling at this online party:

A teeny bit of shock that he can actually be celebrating 39 years:

Of course some fantastic pictures are being shared:

And Gifs, naturally. What’s a party without a Gif or two. Oh wait, it should probably be a gift, right?

Basically, this is how the internt is feeling right now:

Everyone else is irrelevant today:

S’all about this guy:

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