Tara Reid would like to see a UK-based Sharknado 4

Another sequel has been "talked about" says the actress, who’d like to see the fin-filled action leave America

Hang on to your chainsaws, there could be a fourth Sharknado film. Oh hell, yes!


There we were thinking Syfy’s Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! would be the last in this bonkers but brilliant straight-to-TV film franchise, which sees sharks fly out of tornados and eat people. Three films would equal a neat little trilogy. But no, there’s light at the end of this fin-filled tunnel as we find out there has been discussion of a fourth.

“It is talked about, a potential fourth,” star Tara Reid told RadioTimes.com. “Never say never. We never thought there’d be a one, two, never mind a three.”

If it were to happen, Tara says there’s one thing they’d need to do: leave America. So far the films have all taken place in the US with sharks terrorising the East Coast in the latest. 

“We’d have to go overseas. I would love to come to the UK. That would be amazing.”

“We could go anywhere,” she added. “Australia, Tokyo… you can do all kinds of things with this film. But let’s see how this one does,” Tara warned. “We’ll know soon enough. We’re really excited about it.”

Tara credits the fans for making Sharknado a phenomenon. The second instalment resulting in an estimated one billion (yes, one billion) Twitter impressions. “It’s in response to the fans and how much they love it. It’s wild. We were in Comic-Con and I can tell you thousands of people were dressed as sharks. It’s gone crazy. It’s like shark mania.

“They put stuff in their hair, they put sharks on their little dogs. It’s absolutely wild,” she added.

Of the upcoming third outing Tara says her character April is even more “badass”. She’s got some extra attachments for that chainsaw hand of hers, including a “bionic hand”, which turns out to be a very “useful tool for getting sharks”. And, with their relationship back on track, April and Fin (played by Ian Ziering) are expecting a baby.

“Yes, April is pregnant in this film, you see them having a little baby. Now she’s even more protective. April’s character gets stronger and stronger throughout the franchise, which I really like.”

It seems Tara herself is pretty badass around set, calling in favours to get her pals Jedward a cameo in the film.

“Yeah, I got them the part. They were visiting me, so I asked the producer to put them in the film – and they did. I convinced them to let them do the song for the soundtrack, so now they’re on the soundtrack, too.”

Apparently it’s a small cameo (so now we’re totally expecting them to get eaten), and they’re not their only ones who were after a part. “It’s what everyone says their favourite part of the movie is. I can’t tell you how many people say ‘Tara, Tara, can I have a cameo? I just want to be eaten by a shark’. I’ll call up the producer like, ‘I need another favour…’. They’re super cool. If any of my friends want to be part of it, they just ask me. It doesn’t matter. If they want to do a cameo, we’ll find a way.” 

But this film’s cameos will take some beating. Along with Jedward, Bo Derek joins the gang as April’s mum May (geddit?) and David Hasselhoff signs up as Fin’s dad Gil (good, eh?). The Hoff, as RadioTimes.com revealed, is an astronaut. But Tara won’t be drawn on whether all of the characters end up in some space-based shark attack.  

“I can’t tell you that… you’ll have to let me know what you think when you see it.”


See Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! will be shown on Thursday July 23rd at 10pm on Syfy