The dos and don’ts of meeting your future in-laws… according to TV and film

Don't accept an invite from your partner's parents until you've heeded the mistakes made in Friends, Peep Show and Shrek


Meeting the parents is never easy, and it’s fair to say Ben Stiller’s character Greg Focker in Meet the Parents (tonight at 9pm on BBC3) doesn’t get it quite right. (Unless you’re on Jeremy Kyle, you really want to avoid lie detector tests at all costs.)


Instead of following in Focker’s footsteps, take note of what happened in There’s Something About Mary, Crazy Stupid Love and Grey’s Anatomy…  

Don’t panic and put on a fake accent

Do wear more than your sexy underwear

Don’t discuss your relationship doubts (in earshot) 

Do parent-proof your flat beforehand

Don’t get into a fist fight – however strange the circumstances


Do remember your table manners

Don’t raise your voice. Ever.

Do avoid long unexplained bathroom trips

Don’t discuss your income or your savings

Or drugs. Never drugs. 

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