Robert Peston and Eddie Mair to appear together at Radio Times Festival

Mair will also host a special panel on The Archers. Peston will not.

Mitchell and Webb. Steptoe and Son. Hancock and James. Pop culture is full of double acts sniping at each other from behind fulsome grins, and there’s a new couple to add to the pantheon: Peston and Mair.


After years of a somewhat tongue-in-cheek feud, the newsmen recently teamed up for The Robert Peston Interview Show (with Eddie Mair), where they take turns springing surprise guests on each other with no chance for preparation. It’s the equivalent of an icy dinner party, but on Radio 4. And now you’re invited! 

Fans can catch all of the passive aggressive action at the Radio Times Festival, where the surprise guests will be themselves. They’ll answer pressing questions like who was their favourite interviewee? And what’s up with Peston’s hair? 

Speaking of, here’s a taster of what happened the last time Eddert/Roddie met up for a chat with Radio Times.

Mair: What irritates me about your hair is you’ve got the choice, and this is what you’ve chosen?!

Peston: I think I must be going through a mid-life crisis. I just sort of woke up one day and thought, “I’ll grow my hair.” So I have.

Peston: You’re not remotely uncomfortable about being gay. You grew up in a working-class bit of Dundee, dad a lorry driver, mum a nurse. Was it hard growing up in that world?

Mair: No, not at all.

Peston: Were your family always supportive?

Mair: Yes, very. I found it easier than so many people have. Though once I went for a job and I was told later that I didn’t get it because I was gay.

Peston: At the BBC?!

Mair: No, no – here it’s encouraged, as you know!

Peston: I’ve always felt discriminated against because I’ve never come out.

Mair: And I think the gay community is bereft that you’ve never announced your…

Peston: It’s only a matter of time.

Eddie Mair will also be chairing The Archers panel with fan favourites Charles Collingwood (Brian Aldridge), Carol Boyd (Lynda Snell), Louiza Patikas (Helen Archer)  and Timothy Watson (Rob Titchener)… but not Robert Peston.


Tickets are available from the Radio Times Festival website (click here or on the banner below for details). The festival runs 24-27 September on The Green at Hamption Court Palace.