Love Island’s Max says he couldn’t have won with “hated” Naomi

This series' winner isn’t interested in speaking to his former flame as he reveals Naomi’s been trying to get in contact with his little brother...

Love Island’s Max Morley scooped victory last night with his now-girlfriend Jessica Hayes and says there’s no way he could have won if he’d stayed coupled up with former love interest Naomi Ball.


“No, she’s hated,” Max, 22, told, referring to the girl he had for a time ditched – or to be more accurate, “pied” – Jess for.

But while Max is pleased he decided to patch things up with his current lady – saying that, in a “weird way”, it’s made them “strong together” – he admits he was shocked by how Naomi was perceived by viewers.

“We’re in a bit of a bubble in there. We don’t know what people are seeing. Then people are coming in, like your family and a few ex-housemates, and they’re saying she did this and she did that. It was a bit of a shock. Jess is not her biggest fan,” he added with a laugh.

But while Max says he “won’t speak to her”, it seems Naomi’s still pretty keen to stay involved in his life.

“She’s actually tried to get in contact with my little brother!” he revealed. “One of my mates tweeted a picture of my little brother saying he’s the better looking brother and she put up loads of smiley faces and winky eyes and that.”

So does Max think Naomi is in with a chance with his 19-year-old sibling? “If he’s got half a brain cell, no.”

Max and Jess both admitted they were pretty shocked by their victory: “We never thought in a million years we were going to win. When we were stood up on the balcony last night, we were like, ‘We’re going to come fourth’, then ‘Oh we’ll come third’… Even when we were the final two we were just like, ‘We’re not going to win’.”

In fact, the duo thought runners-up Jon and Hannah had it “in the bag”, especially after Jon got down on one knee and actually proposed, which Max admits was a “big shock”.

“My face would have been a picture when he got down on his knee”. Should we expect the same from Max and Jess anytime soon? “Definitely not!” Max chuckled. 

But they’re looking forward to making their relationship work and, for Max at least, it seems a break from the cameras is needed:


“My hair will fall out if I keep going on these reality shows…” 

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