Bring in the bridesmaids! Jonathan has proposed to Hannah on Love Island

The Jonathan, as he's known, really brings it in tonight's finale...

The end of last night’s Love Island showed the final four couples decked out in wedding gear for some sort of task in today’s finale, and it seems Jonathan got into the spirit of things and proposed. Yep, he actually asked Hannah to marry him after six weeks together in a villa.


Ok, so they had briefly met before in the real world, but to all intents and purposes he’s just got down on one knee after just over a month of being together. Heck, they only became officially boyfriend and girlfriend a few weeks ago. 

Here’s the proof: 

I confess, the clips at the end of last night’s show made me think Luis was the one who was going to propose. But I figured I was being fooled by canny editing designed to entice me to watch the final – as if I need persuading – but nope, it’s The Jonathan, as he’s become known. 

Well, they’ve met each other’s parents, looked after a fake baby – and named it Ocean – and we know a fair bit about everything else they’ve been up to under the covers. (Must remember to hit mute next time.) 

Will Hannah say yes? Is there actually a ring in that box? 

Is this, for the non-believers out there, just a ploy to win the show and a peachy £50,000? 

Presumably all will be revealed in tonight’s final. 


See Jonathan’s proposal in tonight’s final from 9pm on ITV2