Viewers commend emotional Deirdre Barlow funeral on Coronation Street

Coronation Street fans praise "moving" tribute to the beloved character in the wake of actress Anne Kirkbride's death earlier this year

Coronation Street viewers have been paying tribute to both actress Anne Kirkbride and her beloved character Deirdre Barlow overnight, as the soap aired emotional funeral scenes.


The cast were given high praise for filming the episodes following the actress’ death in January and her co-stars lead the tributes to their “one in a million” friend Anne

The heartwarming scenes certainly struck a chord with viewers. Dierdre’s character is one of the longest-running in the soap’s history, her first appearance on the Street being in 1972. William Roache as Ken read a powerful eulogy, which met with high praise from fans. 

Many viewers felt the scenes were a lovely tribute to the character and actress

With a nod to the well-known characteristics of the beloved character

Many praised the cast for taking on the difficult scenes

And there were plenty of emotions at home

The singing particularly hit a chord with viewers

Fans noted that it was a great way to remember both the character and the actress


While some did as Deidre would do