Chris Hadfield –astronaut who sang Space Oddity– cosplays as 2001: A Space Odyssey astronaut at Comic-Con

He brought a packed lunch

Chris Hadfield is an actual honest to goodness astronaut. He’s stuffed full of the Right Stuff. He has spent 166 days far above the world. He sang David Bowie’s Space Oddity on the International Space Station… 


…then gave a private performance to Huw Edwards on BBC News.

He hasn’t just touched the face of God, he has caressed it lovingly and extensively. And now he has dressed up as a fictional astronaut and wandered around San Diego Comic-Con.

Wearing a movie-accurate version of the space suits from 2001: A Space Odyssey, he accompanied Adam Savage –of Mythbusters and Tested fame– on an incognito walk of the show floor, disguised by his opaque visor. It’s a fun video, full of interesting facts about real space suits.

Did you know that astronauts’ gloves have tiny heaters in each of the fingers? They do!

The best part? They brought sandwiches in lunch boxes modelled after the movies. Real sandwiches mind, not those terrible tortillas you get on the ISS.