Meet the stars of ITV’s latest ob-doc Rookies

Introducing Lincolnshire Police force's new recruits...

Police Academy 8: The Wold Ones? Not quite, but ITV’s latest ob-doc about new recruits to the Lincolnshire Police force taps in to the strange moment when regular men and women step up to become fully fledged officers on the beat. Meet the rookies below:



46-year-old Mark is one of only six black officers in the Lincolnshire Police. Previously he made spectacles. Growing up, his parents told him not to get into trouble for fear the police wouldn’t treat them well. He’s clearly proud of his new role.

He says: “You do feel different. You think to yourself: I’m a police officer. It’s a big deal.”

In action: [Patting down a suspect] “If you think I’m getting intimate with you, I can assure you I’m not.”


35-year-old Dee has always wanted to be a police officer and her new role has gone down well with her previously estranged parents. She launches headfirst into her role, quickly getting the hang of arrests, despite a shaky delivery when reading the suspect’s rights on her first go.

She says: “My dad said he’s really proud of me and I don’t think that he’s ever said that before.”

In action: [Dealing with a depressive arrest] “It turned out [he] had depression so I spoke to him about it: [I said] I’ve had depression before and there’s a way out of it. That kind of calmed him down.’


30-year-old Daniel Hunt just married his long-term boyfriend, postponing the honeymoon to do his police training. On his first day working alone he has to deal with a near-fatal stabbing.

In action (having dinner with his husband who says): “If you cock up, someone can die.” [Long silence]


45-year-old Julia Hoyes has been a driving instructor for 30 years. Now that her son has grown up and moved out, she’s pursuing her dreams. Her mentor thinks being slightly older may be an advantage as people will be able to relate to her more easily.

She says: “If I’m sat there on the day this course starts and I’m still in my old job, I will wonder: why didn’t you even have a go?”

In action on first shift: “I’m cacking myself.”


27-year-old Jack moves out of his parents’ house for the first time to start his training. Young and energetic, he openly admits he comes across as cocky and young, and grows his facial hair in an attempt to seem more mature.

He says: “Coming across as if I know what I’m talking about – that’s the easy part. The hard part is actually knowing what I’m talking about.”

In action, after arresting a very drunk man who begins to cry: “If somebody gets emotional, I’m probably the wrong person to say ‘does it pull at my heartstrings?’ because I’m quite heartless.”


28-year-old Dan is a single father with two children. Originally from West Yorkshire, he’s had to move three hours away from home to pursue his dream job. He’s already put in years as a special constable before being accepted as a PC. Dan remains a bit of a mystery as he only appears in the first episode for a few seconds.


Rookies begins at 9pm tonight on Monday 13th July on ITV