Can you beat the Love Island contestants in this back to school quiz?

The islanders faced a pop quiz last night and some of the answers were a bit cringeworthy. But can you do any better?

Last night the Love Island finalists took a break from sitting around in bikinis to head back to school. Decked out in uniforms that would give even the most liberal of headteachers heart palpitations, the couples had to answer a range of general knowledge questions. It was the culmination of a day of tasks, which resulted in the winning couple – Lauren and Josh – getting messages from home. 


Back in the makeshift classroom there were answers which should have earned the island students a good week’s worth of detention, although the odd calculation did see some tallies go up by at least one. Yes, among all eight competitors – from what we saw – just two people got one question right each. Everyone else got a big fat zero.


But hey, before you get too smug, let’s check and see if you could do any better…