The definitive ranking of modern Doctor Who finales – as voted for by YOU

Which final episode was the best in space and timey-wimey? readers give their verdict...

The end of a series is often a harrowing time for a fan: they’ve got to wait months, or possibly years, to see their favourite show again and for Doctor Who lovers know the pain all too well.


That’s not to say finales aren’t brilliant though and from battles with the Daleks to duels with The Master, Doctor Who has offered up its fair share of exciting ones.

But which NuWho finale is the best so far? That’s what we asked readers and here’s what they had to say almost 10,000 votes later…

8. Series 6 Finale: The Wedding of River Song

Time has been rewritten as pterodactyls fly through modern-day London – but can the Doctor reverse the paradox caused by River Song?

7. Series 8 Finale: Dark Water / Death in Heaven

Missy’s identity is revealed, Clara suffers a wrenching loss and two of the Doctor’s old foes stand against him in the series 8 finale.

6. Series 7 Finale: The Name of the Doctor


Forced to travel to his final resting place, the Doctor faces his mortality on the ruined fields of Trenzalore.