The Doctor meets Batman and Gandalf in amazing new Doctor Who Lego Dimensions trailer

The first proper look at the video game also features every incarnation of the Time Lord ever - it really is a Doctor Who fan's dreams come to life


Lego has always been about making children’s dreams come true, but kids of all ages are forgiven for squee-ing at this unbelievable trailer for the Lego Dimensions video game.


Giant Cybermen! Tiny Daleks! The Dalek Emperor! The Doctor crossing swords with Gandalf, Batman and Doc Brown! Oh, and every Doctor ever!

Apparently every time you die, your Doctor will regenerate into the next version, and the Tardis interior will change to match. Including a black and white interior for William Hartnell!

This isn’t fan-service, it’s fan worship. Unfortunately, it means we’re probably going to spend our entire pay cheque buying the real-life toys you use to scan into the game.

Lego Dimensions will be released on 29th September, and will include all three Doctor Who levels. After that, additional levels and characters will be available to purchase from November.


Until then, maybe just watch this fan-made version over and over again?