Doctor Who: What did we learn from San Diego Comic Con?

Peter Capaldi makes his Comic Con debut in a panel that covered the the Doctor's relationship with Clara, his infamous smooch with Missy and, of course, the first trailer for series 9...

Clearly awed, Peter Capaldi looked out at a sea of 7000 fans and declared his first San Diego Comic Con as “cosmic.”


Joined on stage by showrunner Steven Moffat, his companion co-star Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez (AKA Missy), the Twelfth Doctor led a Doctor Who panel that spoilt fans rotten. So, what did we learn? 

Of course, the first big thing to get out of the way was the inevitable first glance at the trailer, which revealed that the show would be returning to BBC1 on September 19th. 

Among some of the more exciting moments from the clip was the return of Missy, a planet that looked suspiciously like the Dalek home world of Skaro, and, of course, a much hoped for glimpse of Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, who is set to appear in an unknown role.

As for the panel itself, the stars and showrunner were in good spirits, waxing lyrical about all things Who, including the prospect of a female Doctor, Clara and the Doctor’s relationship, and that kiss between the Doctor and Missy… 

“The question is who kissed who and who hung on and just didn’t let go,” teased Gomez on one of Doctor Who’s strangest moments: when the Master – now regenerated into a woman – passionately snogs the Doctor on the lips in series 8’s Dark Water. And, apparently, it could’ve been even weirder.

“There was one take where Michelle held my hand throughout the kiss,” Coleman added. Did someone’s fan-fiction just come to life?

Of course, Missy will return in series 9, but it remains unclear what her intentions will be.

“The way the Doctor and Missy come back into each other’s lives is very hard to predict.” Moffat explained, but as ever, remained tight lipped.

Once the panel opened to the floor, questioning immediately turned to the possibility of ever having a female Doctor – with Mofatt curtly responding that there was currently “no vacancy”. Capaldi jokingly added that he’d happily play the Doctor in drag if that helped. Well… 


“The most amazing thing that happens is that I get the affection of the whole 50 years pointed in my direction,” he told the audience, who probably felt that it was more than deserved.