Amanda Seyfried rules herself out of the Mean Girls musical

Tina Fey is taking her hit movie to the stage but don't expect an appearance from the original Karen Smith


For any of you with hopes of an appearance from the Mean Girls cast in Tina Fey’s musical, prepare yourself for disappointment. Amanda Seyfried has ruled herself out and there’s nothing fetch about it. 


The Ted 2 star told us she wouldn’t be part of the new stage production – being penned by Fey and her husband Jeff Richmond – despite being known for her past musical performances (she sang her way into the hearts of Abba fans in Mamma Mia! and even hits the high notes in the Ted sequel).

Click play on the video above to find out exactly why, and to hear Seyfried explain why she never gets weirded out anymore – despite spending much of her recent film starring alongside a bong-smoking teddy bear. 

Ted 2 is out in UK cinemas now

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