Neighbours: Brennan arrests Tyler, while Paul and Naomi give in to their feelings

13-17 July: Plus Amber and Daniel come to a conclusion about their relationship

Monday 13 July


Brennan arrests Tyler for his involvement with Dimato, but Aaron comes to the rescue and bails him out. Terese is shocked when she finds out that Paige is trying to reunite her parents. Sheila gives Naomi a reality check about Paul —wanting to spend time with his grandson is not a reason to break up with him. 

Tuesday 14 July

Paige receives an unexpected birthday surprise when her adoptive mother Mary shows up. Paul and Naomi finally decide to go public with their relationship, but Paul is not quite as comfortable in the spotlight as he thinks. Karl and Susan decide to give Tyler a second chance and invite him to stay with them. 

Wednesday 15 July

Terese continues to feel marginalised when the appearance of Mary pushes Brad, Lauren and Paige even closer together. Tyler snaps at Karl when he unknowingly uses a trigger phrase that his father used to employ before beating him. After a heart-to-heart with Aaron, Alistair drops his complaint against Susan and ends his relationship with Coco. 

Thursday 16 July

Paige discovers the truth about her illegal adoption. Daniel comes up with a grand romantic gesture to help get out of the rut that he and Amber are in. Brennan explains to Karl that Tylerʼs outburst was a result of his issues with their father and pleads with him to give Tyler another chance. 

Friday 17 July


Paul fires Kyle from the beautification project after his botched attempt at reprimanding a workman for harassing Amy. Daniel decides to get out of town to clear his head. Nate and Aaron are forced to work together when Sheila is put out of action. Josh makes his romantic intentions clear to Amber but she rejects him.