Home and Away: Ricky gives birth, Matt is arrested, while Kyle tries to smooth things over with Phoebe

13-17 July: Plus Hannah lets her hair down at a gig and Andy spots her flirting with a stranger

Monday 13 July


After speaking to Marilyn about the children she has lost, Jett has second thoughts about joining the army. Ricky goes into labour and John drives her to the hospital, where Kyle is on hand to help in Braxʼs place. While Ash and Denny discuss their failed relationship out in the hospital corridor, Ricky gives birth to a healthy baby boy. 

Tuesday 14 July

Ricky introduces the newest member of the Braxton clan to Kyle, Ash and Denny. Kyle is determined to make things work with Phoebe and tries to explain what happened between him and Billie, but she is adamant that they are over. After some advice from Billie, Denny decides to give Ash one more chance. 

Wednesday 15 July

Leahʼs outbursts are getting worse, and even more worryingly for Zac and VJ she seems to be forgetting that she has them. Hannah has one too many drinks at a gig and dances flirtatiously with a random guy, in full view of Andy who had popped along to surprise her. Phoebe tells Kyle that it is truly over between them and that he needs to leave her alone. 

Thursday 16 July

VJ does his best to comfort Leah when he catches the end of yet another outburst, this time directed at Matt. Kat thinks that Matt was involved in the theft of an ATM and takes him in for questioning. Maddy is furious and feels like a charity case when she finds out that her friends have been trying to get her a boyfriend behind her back. 

Friday 17 July


Leah is stunned when she discovers a wad of cash under Mattʼs mattress and is conflicted about whether or not to hand it in to the police. Maddy reveals to Roo that she misses her old life, before she got cancer. Evie and Josh try a new tack in order to mend their friendship with Maddy. Kat is furious with Nate when he asks her to ignore the money that Leah handed in.