Love Island’s Naomi: Jess will go after Max again now I’m out of the picture

Recent Love Island dumpee Naomi Ball is keen to see what could happen with her love interest Max outside of the show, but has a feeling he's going to get some attention from a certain Ms Hayes...


Love Island’s Naomi Ball was dumped from the Love Island villa on Thursday night and she’s pretty sure she knows what’s going to happen with her love interest Max Morley now that she’s not around. Yes, it involves a certain glamour model, Jessica Hayes…


“I would probably bet all my money that Jess will go after Max again. [And] Max is a boy, so…” Naomi told

Because of course, in true Love Island fashion, there was a bit of ‘pie-ing off’ before Naomi and Max became a thing: Naomi pied her long-term* hook-up Josh (*cor, must have been a week at least) and Max called time on his fling with glamour model Jess.

But how will Naomi cope watching from home if they do hook up again, given the 23-year-old admitted she’d like to “see what could happen” with Max outside of the show?

“I’m not going to sit out here and have voodoo dolls of Max and Jess,” she laughed, but admitted they’d probably have to have a “little chat” if he does now get cosy with Jess.

Naomi certainly wasn’t shocked to find herself dumped out of the villa. “We’d had a couple of hints about what the public were thinking from the public poll and tweets so I wasn’t that surprised,” she said. “I kind of knew the public weren’t thinking of me that favourably.”

Naomi puts it down to how she dealt with uncoupling from Josh in order to snuggle up to Max, saying she should have been a bit more “clean cut” in how she handled it.

And she’s aware that she’s actually helped Jess to become more popular.

“I think the public always like the underdog don’t they and I was kind of the pantomime villain in this whole situation,” Naomi said. “I think she came out of it a lot better than I had.”

“Personally I think she comes across a bit silly, but that’s just me,” she added, admitting (not surprisingly) that they’re never going to be “best friends”.

“The issue with Jess is she doesn’t just say she likes [the boys in the villa], she’ll get into bed with them and do things with them under the duvet, which is the problem I have.”

But despite those issues, give Naomi half a chance and she would back on the show like a shot: “Yes, get me back in there!

“Max would be my main reason for going back in there. It was the summer of my life.”


Love Island continues Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV2